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Motorcycle Fairings for Victory Kingpin

Compared to the other Victory lineups, the Victory Kingpin was fitted with the most powerful V-twin engine, making it the fastest Victory model ever created. Despite being able to tear across asphalt highways at high speeds, it was built to consume fuel efficiently whenever you pull the throttle. But it is because the Victory Kingpin allows riders to maneuver with such intensity that the risk to you and your motorcycle drastically increases. Though the Victory Kingpin’s streamlined design offers you some protection, safety can still be an issue if you are traveling on rough terrain or close to traffic. If you wish to add an extra precaution without hampering your motorcycle’s performance, then Victory Kingpin fairings are perfect for you.

Features & Design of Victory Kingpin Fairings

Affixed in front of the headlight, Kingpin fairings have one large opening in the center with enough space to allow the light to shine through clearly. Otherwise, the fairings are a single durable piece of equipment made from a combination of ABS plastic and fiberglass. Towards the top is a tinted acrylic or plexiglass windshield that encompasses your entire head. Both of these factors help to repel incoming hazards that could damage you or your motorcycle.

Though the back is largely hollow, there are a few indentations to help the Victory Kingpin Fairings better fit against your motorcycle’s surface. There are also lines of steel clamps that are meant to be securely fastened around the motorcycle fork. The steel clamps work in tandem with the universal bracket kit during installation.

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