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Motorcycle Fairings for Victory 8 Ball

While cars, vans, and trucks have their metal hoods to protect the front, most motorcycles are not as heavily built at the front end. All it can take is a heavy impact against a trash can, fire hydrant, or streetlamp to cause the front of your bike’s frame to crumble. Luckily, it is easy to reinforce your bike with the right Victory 8 Ball fairings. The motorcycle fairings for Victory 8 Ball are made of a lightweight yet durable ABS plastic with a glossy finish so they blend in with the rest of your bike’s metallic frame. They come in three different styles, all sharing the curved and streamlined look, but differing in other characteristics such as longer fins, compact size, etc. To make installing the Victory 8 Ball fairings quick and easy, you will be provided with a universal hardware kit and can use the adjustable metal clamps along the back of the fairings to secure them to your bike’s front fork.

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