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Motorcycle Crash Bars/Engine Guards for Triumph Rocket

Viking bags design Triumph Rocket crash bars that give protection to your bike engine, radiator, and fuel tank during fall or mild crash. We also design brake reservoir guards that protect rear break from flying debris. Viking bags are offering these crash bars at affordable prices. The strength and durability are maintained by using high-class steel. The bottom parts of the motorbike are protected with aluminum and stainless steel which don’t get deteriorated by rust. Besides that, you can also add comfort during your ride by installing foot pegs by bike. The foot peg clamps help you to attach foot pegs with crash bars. The rider can extend their legs at their comfort level during long trips. Foot pegs are designed in a way that they also get folded when they are not in use. Furthermore, the quality and strength of crash bars for the triumph rocket is maintained by using matte, black, and chrome finishing.

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