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Suzuki Boulevard M95 VZ1600 Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Suzuki Boulevard M95

Whether you refer to this Suzuki motorcycle as the Suzuki Boulevard M95 or the Suzuki VZ1600 Marauder, this vehicle is a famous ride due to having a sophisticated suspension and braking system which ensures better comfort and safety. This Suzuki model already has an impressive build, but that does not mean it cannot be enhanced further with extra add-ons.This page provides information on the Suzuki Boulevard M95, VZ1600 fairings, giving you an overview of this equipment’s functions and outline.

Features & Design of Suzuki Boulevard M95, VZ1600 Fairings

Boulevard M95 fairings have a large open, circular shell that forms a single, solid piece of equipment. The front is heavily built with a large circular hole in the center, while the back is carved out and follows the curve with steel clamps along either side of the hole. The original version of the Suzuki VZ1600 fairings comes with a glossy black finish, but this surface can be painted over with different color and pattern schemes if you prefer to customize the look.

To ensure the shell is long-lasting and durable, the structure of the Suzuki Boulevard M95, VZ1600 fairings is constructed from high-quality ABS plastic. The hole at the center is big enough to fit a headlight that is 5 ¾ inches in diameter. The tinted acrylic or plexiglass windshield helps to protect your head and keeps you from being blinded by the sun.

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