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Suzuki Boulevard M90 VZ1500 Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Suzuki Boulevard M90

Interchangeably referred to as the Suzuki Boulevard M90 or the Suzuki Intruder VZ1500, this motorcycle is a muscularly-built cruiser with a powerful engine and sleek body which is perfect for rides through the city and on open highways. Despite the bulky build of this model, it is not difficult to apply a motorcycle accessory if you so desired.Read on to learn about the features and design of the Suzuki Boulevard M90, VZ1500 fairings available here at Viking Bags.

Features & Design of Suzuki Boulevard M90, VZ1500 Fairings

Boulevard M90 fairings are built as a circular and hollow casing with a large hole in the center. There are ridges, angles, and indents along the exterior to give the fairings an edgy look, while the interior along the curve has slight grooves and steel clamps to help with installation. Most of the material making up the structure of the Intruder VZ1500 fairings is ABS plastic.

The opening at the center is about 5 ¾ inches large and is where the headlight is fitted. The acrylic or plexiglass windshield gives the Suzuki Boulevard M90 fairings their impressive height. It has a smokey black tint that helps to lessen the brightness of sunlight but still gives you a clear view of what is in front of you.

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