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Suzuki Boulevard M50 VZ800 Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Suzuki Boulevard M50

Despite having a bulky and sturdy build, the appearance of the Suzuki Boulevard M50, formerly known as the Suzuki VZ800, is deceiving as this vehicle is capable of high-speed maneuvers and good performance, making it a reliable bike for novice and experienced riders.Though this bike is relatively easy to handle, that does not mean there are fewer hazards to deal with when on the road. To better protect yourself and your motorcycle, perhaps consider purchasing the reliable Suzuki Boulevard M50, VZ800 fairings.

Features & Design of Suzuki Boulevard M50, VZ800 Fairings

Assembled from ABS plastic, the Boulevard M50 fairings is a single piece of equipment with a rigid circular frame and a large hole right towards the center. The surface towards the front is relatively smooth, with the occasional ridges, indents, and angles depending on the version you choose. The back is carved out with a hollow curve that will rest perfectly against the grooves of the motorcycle’s front.

The ABS exterior shell has a wide area of coverage that helps protect the front half of your motorcycle and deflects incoming debris off to the sides. The plastic is rustproof, weather-resistant, impact-resistant, and long-lasting; the lifespan of the Suzuki VZ800 fairings can be extended if you prefer minimal maintenance. The windshield is a shaded acrylic or plexiglass sheet, perfect for protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight and sharp objects.

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