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Suzuki Boulevard M109 VZR1800 Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Suzuki Boulevard M109

Originally referred to as the Intruder VZR 1800, then had its name changed to the Suzuki Boulevard M109, this motorcycle has the performance, handling, and maneuverability of a sports bike. To complement this motorcycle’s appearance and provide protection should your motorcycle run into something, it is a good idea to acquire motorcycle accessories.A motorcycle accessory can function as a handy utility and a stylish component, and this is most apparent with the Suzuki Boulevard M109, VZR 1800 fairings. If you wish to evaluate the quality of the Suzuki Boulevard M109, VZR 1800 fairings at Viking Bags, this page will give you the basic rundown.

Features & Design of Suzuki Boulevard M109, VZR 1800 Fairings

Boulevard M190 fairings have a rounded body with a smooth yet curved front and an open bending back. The entire structure is made from high-quality ABS plastic with a few exceptions. The windshield is comprised of an acrylic or plexiglass panel that gives you a full view while shielding your face from rubbish and sunlight. The adjustable steel clamps on the back of the Intruder VZR 1800 fairings help this equipment stay fixed in place around the motorcycle fork.

At the center is a large, almost perfectly circular hole where the headlight can fit through. The color scheme painted onto the Suzuki Boulevard M109, VZR 1800 fairings is a glossy black, though the riders can paint over the surface with different colors and patterns.

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