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Luggage Racks for Scooter

If you love to travel on your scooter, then you must be used to carrying all your necessities and belongings with you during the ride. While traveling on the scooters, the riders often mount their luggage on the backside of the seat. But this is not always a convenient option. Using the scooter luggage racks provides a great solution instead. These racks offer enough room on the back of the seat which means space as well as support for the user. Typically, there are two types of racks, the top case and side case. Usually they are made from heavy duty black powder coated steel which makes them really sturdy and yet so good looking. Once they are installed, one can carry heavy loads without any worry.
You can opt for generic models as well as custom made luggage racks which fit perfectly with most sissy bars that have round tubing or are slightly angled. But even if they are not, you can opt for any Viking model since they have the ability to attach themselves seamlessly to all scooters. The luggage racks for scooter from brand Viking come with universal brackets and polished stainless steel mounting clamps which make them easy to install as well as easily quite adjustable. Therefore, these can be installed by anyone without any prior experience and also save on installation cost. Along with two metal supports and a detachable mounting system these can be attached any time to any kind of scooter model.

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