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Luggage & Saddle Bags for Norton 961 Cafe Racer

Having a bike from the Commando family is surety that it will meet the expectations of a rider. The mixture of old and new, the steel green 961 Norton Commando having a rubber-mounted and isolated 850s tyres are actually rapid to use. The SF of Café Norton includes carbon-fiber fireguards, having chained and licensed mount, and including the parts which are shaped in the way of counterparts. The amazingly designed handlebars allow you to be in a vertically riding position with complete control of your feet which feels you like you are riding Deer bike. The engine of Norton Commando 961 is inbuilt quieter mechanically which comforts the rider. Café Racer Norton 961 has potential to pull from 2000 rpm up and 4000 revs strongly. Norton 961 easily pulls 6500 rpm easily whereas the output of 80 horsepower is formed.

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