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Viking Dark Age Plain Yamaha Leather Motorcycle Roll Bag Main viewViking Dark Age Plain Yamaha Leather Motorcycle Roll Bag Bag on Bike View @expand
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18L - Century Medium Yamaha Leather Motorcycle Roll Bag21L - Century Medium Yamaha Leather Motorcycle Roll Bag on Bike Photo @expand
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22L - Axwell Medium Yamaha Motorcycle Roll BagViking Axwell Small Yamaha Motorcycle Roll Bag Bag on Bike View @expand
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Roll Bags for Yamaha Motorcycles

The best thing about Yamaha roll bags is that they can be easily attached to any portion of the bike, especially the ones made by Viking Bags. These are equipped with special apparatus or brackets that quick fasten options and are universal in nature. They are equally easy to release so that users can convert this motorcycle luggage into a portable bag as and when needed. This flexibility has been one of the chief reasons for the rising popularity of the brand that has single handedly changed the motorcycle luggage and accessories market. Viking Bags are a result of innovative designs and ideas, keeping in mind the changing user needs and demands in this regard. We offer a wide range of best roll bags for Yamaha Road Star, Raider, Stratoliner, V-Star, Virago and Bolt motorcycles.

Vikingbags' Roll Bags for Yamaha Motorcycles

Though roll bags have been in the market for quite some time, none had the flexibility and functional advantages like the motorcycle Yamaha roll bags from brand Viking. The benefits of using these products are many and varied. One of the first things that attract users is their incredible spaciousness. Though these bags comes in various sizes and styles, all of them can boast of a cavernous inner space, large enough to house immense load. So whether you are using them as additional luggage or as the main one, they can suit all purposes with equal ease. The ‘roll’ or the cylindrical shape is perhaps the most advantageous one since it can offer a great depth without actually taking up too much space.

Best Quality Hard Leather Roll Bag for Yamaha Models

While this center space is great for larger goods, the smaller compartments along the side of the interior wall offer snug spaces for smaller items. This way one can keep things neatly and in order, making them easily accessible whenever needed. This is a great boon for riders, those who are embarking on long hauls and those who use these roll bags for Yamaha motorcycles for their daily and professional use. No matter what size you buy, you will find smaller pockets on the outside as well though large sizes will have multiple pockets here too. These are zippered to keep handy items secure and have smooth lining to allow access for gloved fingers easily, unlike older models where they would get stuck.

Viking Bags offer the choice of leather made Yamaha motorcycle roll bags, which are their hottest selling products. This is no ordinary leather but the specially made blend which is only available under the Viking banner. Therefore, the assurance of quality and functionality is 100% and far superior to all their rival counterparts. Of course, one has the option to choose from fiberglass and plastic blends as well, or a combination of all. In each case, one will get a hardy and rugged product that can withstand weather anomalies and terrain difficulties with ease and yet not give into easy sagging like the others.

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