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Solo Bags for Kawasaki Motorcycles

Kawasaki’s are legendary motorcycles. The history of this motorcycle company runs deep to the roots of riding. Whether you're riding a old school classic cruiser or one of the newer Vulcans. You'll learn to appreciate the solo bags that are offered by Viking Bags. While we sell saddlebags too, and are very proud of the products we offer. We know that for some riders, adding two bulky bags to your bike isn't ideal. That's why we recommend trying our solo bags. Add one bag to the swing arm and have enough to carry with you a few beers and go on short trips. If you're located in one of the Free states that allow for lane splitting – you'll know how important it is to have a solo bag. Adding unnecessary girth to the side of your bike can keep you from not being able to lane split and inevitably saving you from traffic. It’s difficult to pick out a solo bag with so many options. We work hard at Viking Bags to help make our solo bags, the best. We offer a wide range of best solo bags for Kawasaki Vulcan, Mean Streak and Eliminator motorcycles.

Viking Solo Bags for Kawasaki Motorcycles

We know that your Vulcan is badass. We love those beautiful motorcycles lines too, and if you're anything like us. You don't want to add some saddlebags and increase the bulkiness. The monster of a bike shouldn't be slowed down with additional drag, add one of our sleek motorcycle solo bags. You'll get all the added functionality of having a saddlebag added to your bike but without the bulkiness. Carry spare tools and parts around with you so you never get stranded anywhere again. Don't worry if you're confused, there are lots of different information out there on Solo bags. Most of them are mounted to the swing arm by ties, but there's also alternative methods like hard mounts. Other Solo bags are soft and not as rigid like our bags. We've combined our years of experience to bring the best solo bags for you.

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