Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycle Saddlebag Lids & Covers

Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycle Saddlebag Lids & Covers


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Saddlebag Lids & Covers for Kawasaki Eliminator Motorcycles

Don’t let your saddlebag get scuffed and worn out, and in the end, spend bucks on getting it fixed but instead cover your saddlebag with our premium Eliminator saddlebag lids and keep them fully protected. These saddlebag lids provide a great secure fit and look and also get mounted easily within minutes. You can even remove them without any hassle for cleaning and waxing, and they don’t put any scratches when doing it. It really protects your saddlebags from passenger's shoes when they sit on your bike. Eliminator saddlebag lid covers are made from durable materials, so they won't get loose and will last for years to come. The inner soft foam lining will be gentle on your saddlebags. Our best collection saddlebag lids for Eliminator are available in the finishing of matte, chrome, and black. Get our affordable saddlebag lid covers for Eliminator at cheap prices without worrying about anything else.

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