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Saddlebags for Indian Super Chief 2022 & Above

Do you need to carry more stuff on your Indian Super Chief 2022+ for an upcoming trip? Check out Viking Bags Indian Super Chief 2022+ saddle bags. If you want to make your Indian bike more super than it already is, then installing Indian Super Chief 2022 and above saddle bags will do the trick. Constructed from durable materials, our leather and hard options can carry plenty of clothes, drinks, food, and gear without causing imbalance. To keep them from falling off, the shape of the bags and the mounting hardware are bike-specific to fit seamlessly against your bike’s sides. To help you store your stuff, the Indian Super Chief 2022+ saddlebags come with multiple pockets, organizers, and attachments. Some of our designs come with key-lockable lids to prevent them from being forcibly pried open. Most of our leather styles include a metal internal frame to help with shape retention. So long as they are cleaned and carefully handled, your long-lasting saddle bags will be good to use for many trips.

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