Indian Springfield Darkhorse Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Indian Springfield Darkhorse

Built with a streamlined frame and mid-rise handlebars that improves aerodynamics and riding comfort, the Indian Springfield Dark Horse is a glossy and intimidating motorcycle that is a favorite among riders. Though a menacing-looking two-wheeler is certainly a cool vehicle to own, it may not necessarily be the safest vehicle to ride. Unless, of course, you take the time to install additional safety measures.

Motorcycle add-ons do not have to be clunky or difficult to install; for example, Indian Springfield Dark Horse fairings are a convenient, stylish, and useful component to mount onto your ride.

Features & Design of Indian Springfield Dark Horse Fairings

Springfield Dark Horse fairings are securely attached to the motorcycle fork by using the steel clamps along the back of the fairings. When mounting the fairing, you align it with the circular hole at the center so that the headlight fits within the space. If you have trouble figuring out the mounting process, you can check out the instructions on the installation guide and secure the fairings even more by using the contents of the universal bracket kit.

Constructed with an ABS plastic shell, Indian Springfield Dark Horse fairings can take hits from flying debris and moderate impacts with other vehicles without cracking. The acrylic and plexiglass windscreen provides a thin yet transparent barrier that allows you to see what is ahead of you without worrying about being battered by wind, rain, and debris.

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