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Motorcycle Fairings for Indian Scout

One of the oldest models produced by Indian Motorcycle, the Indian Scout has many characteristics and styles that still make it relevant in the motorcycle community today. Thanks to the powerful engine, low seat height, and lightweight frame, the Indian Scout is a relatively easy vehicle to handle on highways and open roads.

But while this ride is relatively comfortable for both novices and experts alike, that does not mean you should not upgrade your motorcycle with add-ons or components that help improve safety. An affordable accessory that would be a worthwhile addition to your vehicle’s framework is some Indian Scout fairings.

Features & Design of Indian Scout Fairings

Scout fairings have an ABS plastic shell with wide dimensions capable of covering the full circumference of your motorcycle’s anterior. The smooth and rounded shape helps improve your bike’s aerodynamics and allows rain to run off the surface. Initially, all Indian Scout fairings are painted with a glossy black finish, but a rider can customize the appearance to show off his/her unique motorcyclist identity.

The windshield is made from a thin yet rounded acrylic or plexiglass screen that provides a barrier between your face and the elements. The surface is tinted enough to shield your eyes from the sharp glare of the sun but is clear enough that you can get a good view of anything in front of you.

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