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Motorcycle Fairings for Indian Scout Bobber Twenty

Though built with the latest technology for motor vehicles, the Indian Scout Bobber Twenty incorporates some aspects of the original Scout models that make this vehicle suitable for traveling through urban areas. Built with a blend of classical and modern, with the design leaning more towards the latter, the Indian Scout Bobber Twenty’s frame makes it possible to attach other accessories to improve your ride’s performance.

A motorcycle accessory that functions as extra protection for your motorcycle’s chassis and complements the overall look of your motorcycle is the Indian Scout Bobber Twenty fairings. This page will cover all of the basic features and designs of the Scout Bobber Twenty fairings to make browsing easier if you are interested in purchasing this equipment.

Features & Design of Indian Scout Bobber Twenty Fairings

Indian Scout Bobber Twenty fairings are heavily-built, lightweight, hollow, ovalish-shaped motorcycle accessories that are mounted to the front of your two-wheeler. The circular opening in the center is meant to be fitted around your motorcycle’s headlight and the steel clamps are meant to keep the fairings affixed to the motorcycle fork. The standard color scheme for the Scout Bobber Twenty fairings is a glossy black, but you can paint other colors and patterns onto the surface if you love to customize.

To ensure good longevity and durability when subjected to the elements, the Indian Scout Bobber Twenty fairings are made from weather-resistant ABS plastic. To provide protection for the rider’s head, the top is fitted with a damage-resistant acrylic or plexiglass windshield.

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