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Motorcycle Fairings for Indian Chief Vintage

Though built with a design reminiscent of the traditional Indian Chief motorcycles of the past, the Indian Chief Vintage has an engine able to produce incredible power at any speed, along with shiny chrome plating all over the engine, handlebars, and headlight. Having now been modified to be suited for the modern era, this motorcycle can be customized with extra add-ons to suit a rider’s needs.An add-on that can be fitted to the front of your motorcycle is the Indian Chief Vintage fairings. Besides being an affordable piece of equipment, it has both practical use and aesthetic appeal that will make the fairings a welcome accessory on your two-wheeler’s frame.

Features & Design of Indian Chief Vintage Fairings

Chief Vintage fairings have a hollow back that is grooved to fit perfectly against the curvature of your motorcycle’s anterior and a bulky yet smooth front that allows wind and debris to slide off the surface. Covered in a glossy black finish, the fairings have a shiny yet smooth surface that gives your motorcycle a cool vibe. In the center is a circular hole that can be aligned and fitted over the headlight.

Made to be almost as durable as your motorcycle’s chassis, Indian Chief Vintage fairings are built from long-lasting and tough ABS plastic. The acrylic or plexiglass windshield forms a wide shield around your upper torso that allows you to see the road ahead while being able to easily turn the handlebars. You fit the Chief Vintage fairings to your vehicle by using the steel clamps along the back side of the fairings to clamp onto the motorcycle fork.

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