Indian Chief Standard Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Indian Chief Standard

Though labeled as the basic version of the Indian Chief models, the Indian Chief Standard’s capabilities make it far from average. Besides being designed with a minimalist style, aggressive lines, and a build similar to street bikes, the Indian Chief Standard has good balance and control even at high speeds. Though the Indian Chief Standard has a relatively durable chassis, it is possible to include additional safety measures to ensure safer journeys when on the road. A safety measure that is easy to mount and within an affordable price range here at Viking Bags is the Indian Chief Standard fairings.

Features & Design of Indian Chief Standard Fairings

Initially covered in a glossy black finish, Chief Standard fairings are customizable to an extent as the surface can be painted over with other color schemes and patterns. Every version of the Indian Chief Standard fairings is a single piece of equipment with an oval-shaped body and a large circular opening in the center. Mounting the fairings to the motorcycle fork is a relatively simple task thanks to the steel clamps, the universal bracket kit, and the installation guide. The ABS plastic body helps the Chief Standard fairings function as an extra layer of armor for your motorcycle’s chassis towards the front. The tinted acrylic or plexiglass windshield protects your head from being battered by wind, rain, or debris while shielding your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun.

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