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Motorcycle Fairings for Indian Chief Darkhorse

The Indian Chief Dark Horse is built with a steel tube-shaped frame with well-illuminated LED lighting, cruise control, and an ABS system that improves safety on the road. This two-wheeler has good handling which makes it a relatively safe vehicle to operate, but it is possible to add equipment that improves the Indian Chief Dark Horse’s durability and safety measures. A reliable motorcycle add-on that you can mount to your vehicle is a set of Indian Chief Dark Horse fairings. This is perfect for both riders who want to customize their vehicle’s look or who wish to make their Indian motorcycle safer to ride.

Features & Design of Indian Chief Dark Horse Fairings

Most of the Chief Dark Horse fairings’ structure is made out of ABS plastic, a shape-retaining and damage-resistant material that ensures the outer shell stays intact even when struck by heavy objects. The top half of the fairings is comprised of a wide and tall acrylic or plexiglass windshield that covers the entirety of your head, protecting it from any incoming debris. The steel clamps along the back of the Indian Chief Dark Horse fairings are responsible for attaching this equipment to the motorcycle fork. The nearly perfect circular hole in the center allows you to fit the fairings over the headlight. Upon initial purchase, the Chief Dark Horse fairings come in a glossy black finish, though it is possible to customize the appearance with different colors, patterns, etc.

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