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Motorcycle Fairings for Indian Chief Bomber

Built with a design reminiscent of the bomber aircraft employed in World War II, the Indian Chief Bomber is a bulky and tough motorcycle that can handle well on the road and weather the winds at high speeds. Though this vehicle already has a strong build much like the airplanes it was based on, the Indian Chief Bomber can be built with a more durable frame by installing some stylish-looking fairings. As it never hurts to have as many motorcycle accessories affixed to your vehicle as possible, review the characteristics and style of the Indian Chief Bomber fairings to see if this piece of equipment is something you need.

Features & Design of Indian Chief Bomber Fairings

Chief Bomber fairings are meant to be fixed towards the front of the motorcycle thanks to the steel clamps that attach to the motorcycle fork. The back of the fairings is mostly hollow with steel clamps on opposite sides of the circular hole in the center. The hollow shape of the Indian Chief Bomber fairings has grooves and curves that perfectly fit around the headlight, handlebars, and head of your motorcycle. The front of the fairings has the heaviest concentration of ABS plastic to better deflect heavy, flying objects. The ABS plastic outer shell is responsible for protecting the surface of your motorcycle’s chassis at the head. Meanwhile, the acrylic or plexiglass windshield is responsible for shielding the rider’s face. Though you typically purchase the Chief Bomber fairings in a glossy black color scheme, the finish is a paintable surface that allows you to apply other patterns and colors.

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