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Saddlebags for Indian Chief 2022 & Above

Do you need to carry more stuff on your Indian Chief 2022+ for an upcoming trip? Check out Viking Bags Indian Chief 2022+ saddle bags. Indian Chief 2022 and above saddlebags are affordable and convenient options for accessorizing your bike. These bags are built with durable and long-lasting designs, their round or boxy build can hold plenty of cargo while keeping debris, rain, and dust out. The leather versions are lighter and softer but have shape retention no matter how much they are filled. The hard options are heavier and shinier thanks to the fiberglass shells. Our bike-specific Indian Chief 2022+ saddle bags come with extra attachments to help store additional items on the outside. They also have key-lockable lids to prevent your stuff from flying out or being taken by thieves. Each of them has unique styles that are sure to turn heads when riding down the street.

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