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Solo Bags for Honda VTX Motorcycles

Getting a Solo bag for your Honda VTX is important if you don't have any saddlebags. Let's face it. Normal everyday life makes you need some type of luggage. You can't carry a simple water bottle inside your pocket. Adding big bulky saddlebags can be very expensive. We know the OEM factory saddlebags cost about 6x what we charge for our solo bags. Having a Honda is beneficial because you have the reliability of a tank. Viking Bags takes extreme pride in all of our luggage and bags – We make bags that'll last the entire lifetime of the bike. The Honda VTX that we all have come to know and appreciate is the perfect cruiser. You can't add on bulky saddlebags and expect to get the same riding experience. There's plenty of horror stories out there.

Viking Solo Bags for Honda VTX Motorcycles

We've heard of lesser quality companies making luggage that falls right off without any warning on the highway. Don't end up a victim of cheap overseas luggage companies. We're riders ourselves and stress test each and every bag before we send it into production. You can even add custom touches to our particular solo bags. We highly encourage our customers to customize our products to their specifications and liking. Contact one of our Viking Bags luggage specialist in order to get the best options for your particular bike. Whether you have the 1100 VTX or the 1300, there shouldn't be any issue. We've perfected the fitment on all models of VTX. Viking Bags continues to offer some of the best warranty and return policies available to riders. Don't get left out on the secret – Viking Bags is the leader in Motorcycle Luggage and accessories.

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