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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda VTX 1800 S

The last of the Honda VTX 1800 series and one of the largest motorcycles that Honda has ever produced, the Honda VTX 1800 S is beloved by riders who not only love good handling but also like to customize. But rather than focus on buying parts that only focus on aesthetic appeal, try to go for equipment that combines style and utility. To help get you started, take a look at the Honda VTX 1800 S fairings that are in stock here at Viking Bags. Based on their appearance and their characteristics, you can decide whether your motorcycle can get good use of this type of equipment.

Features & Design of Honda VTX 1800 S Fairings

While they all function more or less the same, there are different versions of Honda 1800 S fairings to better suit the diverse needs of all motorcyclists. If a motorcyclist wants additional protection for his/her head, they can pick the one with the tallest tinted acrylic windscreen. On the other hand, a rider may not want any part of his/her motorcycle’s front exposed and will opt for wider VTX 1800 S fairings that offer the most coverage. All Honda VTX 1800 S fairings are built from high-quality ABS plastic that is rustproof, weather-resistant and reduces drag caused by wind. There is a circular hole in the middle where you can fit a 5 ¾ inch headlight and metal clamps that can be affixed to a fork that is 35-49 mm. The factory-made version of Honda 1800 S fairings comes in a glossy black finish, but it is possible to paint over and change the appearance to better suit your sense of style.

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