Honda VTX 1800 S Crash Bars

Honda VTX 1800 S Crash Bars


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Motorcycle Crash Bars/Engine Guards for Honda VTX 1800 S

The Honda VTX 1800 S crash bars are made of stainless steel, the single narrow yet durable bar creating a wide circle that ensures they enclose your bike’s engine while leaving enough space for you to sit and ride comfortably. Made to be functional and easy to install, the engine guards for Honda VTX 1800 S help reduce the damage your bike can suffer during an accident. They can deflect and reduce the impact of another vehicle running into you or block a large stationary object like a fire hydrant or streetlight. To help give your bike some aesthetic changes, the Honda VTX 1800 S crash bars can come with a chrome or black finish. You will be provided with the mounting bolts and other parts needed to secure them to your bike.

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