Honda VTX 1800 R (Retro) Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda VTX 1800 R (Retro)

Designed to emulate the traditional and retro style of the early Honda motorcycles, the Honda VTX 1800 R is loved by many riders and has found its place in the modern world. Whether you believe it modernizes your bike or adds to the classic charm, attaching some fresh Honda VTX 1800 R Retro fairings would certainly make trips more enjoyable. Many riders may think that they do not need motorcycle fairings since they are always cautious when on the road. But once you learn about the high-quality Honda VTX 1800 R Retro fairings that are sold at Viking Bags, you may change your mind about their importance.

Features & Design of Honda VTX 1800 R Retro Fairings

Despite having such a simple design, the Honda 1800 R Retro fairings serve multiple purposes. The streamlined yet ovalish shape of the fairings’ bulk help to reduce drag caused by heavy winds and provide full coverage for the motorcycle’s front half. Taking hits for your vehicle’s chassis, the majority of the frame is made from ABS plastic. This material is useful for retaining the shape of the equipment and enduring bad weather conditions when riding. Within the center of the fairings is a perfectly circular opening that fits around the circumference of a 5 ¾ inch headlight. At the top is an ovalish windshield made of acrylic that allows you to see the road clearly, even if the sun is in front of you, and keeps debris from impacting your head. The basic color of the VTX 1800 R Retro fairings is a black glossy finish.

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