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Honda VTX 1800 R (Retro) Crash Bars


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Motorcycle Crash Bars/Engine Guards for Honda VTX 1800 R (Retro)

If you want to prevent damage to your bike’s engine in case you find yourself in an accident, the Honda VTX 1800 R (Retro) crash bars can help reduce or prevent the damage and costs it would take to repair your bike. Adding only a little extra weight to your bike, the engine guards for Honda VTX 1800 R (Retro) are made of curved thick steel bars that form a rail around the engine. This rail serves as a buffer that blocks other vehicles and larger objects from slamming into and damaging your bike’s engine and frame. The Honda VTX 1800 R (Retro) crash bars can only come with chrome or black paint jobs, with all the mounting hardware necessary to install them included with your purchase.

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