Honda VTX 1800 C Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda VTX 1800 C

The custom model amongst the members of the Honda VTX 1800 family, the Honda VTX 1800 C has a more efficient exhaust system and an easy-to-see speedometer. Though there are only small differences, the improvement of certain features can make all the difference when it comes to rider enjoyment. For any current or future owners of Honda VTX 1800 C motorcycles, the inclusion of Honda VTX 1800 C fairings could prove useful in giving your vehicle more character while also making it safer to ride.

Features & Design of Honda VTX 1800 C Fairings

The front side of the Honda 1800 C fairings is built bulky and tough with ABS plastic to create a durable armored shell. The design has a large curved body with the occasional grooves, ridges, or indents along the surface, as well as a perfectly circular hole in the center. You should be able to fit your motorcycle’s headlight without blocking the light so long as it is at least 5 ¾ inches. The back side of the VTX 1800 C fairings is open but shaped in a way that it will fit almost perfectly against the surface of your motorcycle’s chassis. During installation, you use the steel clamps to adjust and fix the fairings to a fork that is between 35 to 49 mm in diameter. This product comes in a black glossy finish which gives it a nice, shiny surface.

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