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Motorcycle Crash Bars/Engine Guards for Honda VTX 1300 T Tourer

When traveling across long highways for hours, one of the most important components on your bike you want to keep protected is the engine. The Honda VTX 1300 T Tourer crash bars are light and easily mountable attachments that offer protection for the engine in case the bike is knocked onto its side or hit by a larger vehicle. The engine guards for Honda VTX 1300 T Tourer are made from durable yet compact steel bars that will remain rigid even if another vehicle’s fender comes into contact. They also keep your bike from falling over as the straight protrusions along the sides keep your ride from falling flat and hard onto the ground towards either side. The Honda VTX 1300 T Tourer crash bars can come in glossy chrome or black and have all the hardware needed to install on your bike.

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