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Honda VTX 1300 R Retro Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda VTX 1300 R Retro

Taking inspiration from the retro style of the earliest motorcycles built decades ago, the Honda VTX 1300 R Retro takes the best aspects of the traditional bikes and puts them to use in a modern setting. There is another piece of equipment that you can attach to this vehicle to better show off its unique style. The Honda VTX 1300 R Retro fairings are attached to the front of your motorcycle, helping to protect the motorcycle and yourself from being knocked around by debris, wind, or rain. If you are not sure if this product is right for you, read on to learn more about this product’s features and design.

Features & Design of Honda VTX 1300 R Retro Fairings

An additional protective layer to better guard the more vulnerable components on your motorcycle, the Honda 1300 R Retro fairings are built from ABS plastic. The molded shell can be easily lifted during installation. At the same time, the surface is difficult to crack or break thanks to the strong integrity of the plastic. Curving towards the rider, the acrylic windshield gives you enough coverage that your face is protected by a transparent shield while also allowing you to look over the edges if necessary. The darkened glass does not obscure your sight and helps to lessen the harsh sunlight that passes through. You fasten the VTX 1300 R Retro fairings to the motorcycle by utilizing the steel clamps and the universal bracket kit. To give off a cool vibe, the fairings come with a glossy black finish.

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