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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda VTX 1300 C

Running on the famous V-twin engine, the Honda VTX 1300 C is a favorite among motorcyclists due to being easy to control, having a low seat height, and being capable of reaching top speeds over 100 mph within a short time. To improve the already impressive capabilities of this two-wheeler, you can attach some Honda VTX 1300 C fairings if you so wish. Providing a shield for your upper torso and your motorcycle’s front from wind, rain, debris, and the like, you will find Honda VTX 1300 C fairings will help enhance your riding experience.

Features & Design of Honda VTX 1300 C Fairings

So that the Honda 1300 C fairings can endure the strong winds, heavy rainfall, and impact of flying objects, it is built from ABS plastic. The ABS plastic armor is able to hold up against impacts and will last a long time. Requiring little maintenance, you will not need to purchase a replacement for a while so long as you take good care of your equipment. The windshield is comprised of tinted impact-resistant acrylic that is tall enough to provide full coverage for your head. The side facing you gives you a clear view of the road while the other side helps filter sunlight so you are not temporarily blinded. There are high-quality steel clamps and a universal bracket kit that will help you to secure the fairings to your motorcycle within a few minutes so you can get out on the road and show off your ride.

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