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Solo Bags for Honda Valkyrie Motorcycles

The Valkyrie is the top end of the Honda motorcycle spectrum. With all of the power that the monster of a bike puts down – you'll want to have proper luggage for your bike. For the hefty price that you punk down for this, you’d expect luggage to come with the bike. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. That's why it's important to find solo bags that are good with your particular Valkyrie. Honda made the Valkyrie particularly with power guys in mind – that being said. The engine takes up a significant amount of space. That's why we tried to go low profile and have the solo bags very compact and low key. You don't want bulky saddlebags to widen the already wide profile. We know that the Honda Valkyrie appeals to a different type of rider.

Viking Solo Bags for Honda Valkyrie Motorcycles

One who can appreciate the flat six high displacement engine that's offered by the Valkyrie? You don't typically want to add motorcycle luggage to these types of bikes since they're short distance trip bikes. However, because there's no OEM factory luggage or storage options available for these bikes. We couldn't leave them out of the fun. That's why we have specially designed solo bags for the Honda Valkyrie. Typically the normal solo bag won't mount properly on the swing arm of this beast. Contact one of our Viking Luggage Specialist to check about what is the best direction to go with your particular Valkyrie. If you're not too very sure on what you can do to your bike. We can also list out all the different luggage options that you can add to your Valkyrie.

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