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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Valkyrie 1500 Standard

The all-purpose model of the Honda 1500 Valkrie series, the Valkyrie Standard motorcycle has all of its components geared towards traveling on highways and through urban roads. A piece of equipment best suited for this type of vehicle is the Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard fairings. Built to block wind, reflect flying debris, and protect your face and motorcycle, the Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard fairings would make for a useful add-on. Learn more about this product provided by Viking Bags if you wish to upgrade the look and utility of your two-wheeler.

Features of Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard Fairings

The Honda Valkyrie Standards fairings are fabricated from a long-lasting and tough ABS plastic which helps form a rigid outer shell. The shell is hardy enough that it cannot be easily broken apart when battered by random debris. The streamlined and curved design helps wind to flow seamlessly around and reduces drag due to wind resistance. Thanks to the built-in clamps on the back of the 1500 Valkyrie Standard fairings and the easy-to-use universal bracket kit, it is not very difficult to mount this single piece of equipment.

Design of Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard Fairings

The Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard fairings have a rounded surface towards the front that is intended to be aerodynamic yet bulky. The back is hollowed out with grooves that are meant to be fitted over the anterior of your motorcycle. There is a windshield along the top of the fairings with tinted glass so to better filter sunlight and match the equipment’s aesthetic. All of the Honda 1500 Valkyrie Standard fairings come with a glossy black finish.

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