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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Valkyrie 1500 Interstate

Speeding along the highway with impressive engine power, the Honda 1500 Valkyrie Interstate is an ideal vehicle to have if you wish to turn tight corners or ride around just below the speed limit. But if you want to be able to keep your eyes open with the wind blowing in your face, you may need a component to help shield your face and your motorcycle’s anterior. So that your motorcycle is better equipped to travel between states, you should prepare it with a set of Honda 1500 Valkyrie Interstate fairings. You will find that the version provided by Viking Bags offers the best functionality and style.

Features of Honda 1500 Valkyrie Interstate Fairings

During mounting, it is possible to adjust the positioning of the Honda Valkyrie Interstate fairings thanks to the clamps being able to fit around 35-49 mm and the universal bracket kit that helps you fix the fairings into position. The overall structure is covered in a durable exterior shell, whether ABS plastic or lucite. The material is smooth to the touch, can retain its shape, and is a reliable barrier against incoming projectiles.

Design of Honda 1500 Valkyrie Interstate Fairings

Forming the top of the 1500 Valkyrie Interstate fairings is a windshield made from impact-resistant acrylic or plexiglass. Rounded along the top, the rest of the structure curves around with a slight bend in the middle. Within the center is a large hole that allows the headlight to shine through without being obscured. The entire structure of the Honda 1500 Valkyrie Interstate fairings is painted over with a glossy black finish that gives it a nice shiny coat.

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