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Honda Shadow 750 (Incl. C2) Crash Bars


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Motorcycle Crash Bars/Engine Guards for Honda Shadow 750 (Incl. C2)

Rather than adding bulky and cumbersome attachments to add extra protection for your bike, go with the lighter and simple Honda 750 Shadow Spirit (Incl. C2) crash bars. Though not having a complex design, the features these aftermarket parts have included in their builds make them better suited to keep your bike’s engine safe on the road. The engine guards for Honda 750 Shadow Spirit (Incl. C2) are designed with wide and curved structures with several angular edges and two rubber pegs along the top bar. The round solid tubes can absorb the impacts of collisions without cracking or bending, ensuring they will be usable several times. The rubber pegs are places where you can prop up your feet and rest them while navigating the streets. The Honda 750 Shadow Spirit (Incl. C2) crash bars are available in only two styles: glossy chrome or matte black.

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