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Honda Shadow 750 Ace Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Shadow 750 Ace

Combining a balance of being both light enough to turn quickly yet heavy enough to support the rider’s weight, the Honda 750 Shadow ACE is one of the most important models in the Honda Shadow family. Though nearly perfect in its construction, this motorcycle can be improved further by affixing other equipment that can make the vehicle’s functionality better in little ways. If you are looking for equipment that offers extra protective measures for your motorcycle and your head, then the Honda 750 Shadow ACE fairings might be what you are looking for.

Features & Design of Honda 750 Shadow ACE Fairings

The ovalish ABS plastic frame of the Honda 750 ACE fairings can either have an impressive height or a wide width. The former ensures full coverage for the face with the inclusion of the shaded acrylic windshield, capable of shielding your eyes from being blinded by sunlight, rain, wind, or debris. The latter provides full protection for your motorcycle’s front, deflecting any debris off to the side while ensuring that your vehicle performs with good aerodynamics. It is not difficult to mount the 750 Shadow ACE fairings as you can utilize the mounting clamps and the universal bracket kit. Make sure that the clamps are fitted around a fork that is between 35 to 49 mm so that there is room for adjustability. The exterior can have a custom look if you wish to apply one, but the standard version comes in a glossy black.

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