Honda Shadow 700 VT700 Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Shadow 700

If you tend to travel the road at night, you will benefit from picking the Honda 700 Shadow VT700 since it is built with a larger headlight than its other siblings in the Honda Shadow series. To further ensure that you are safe when you are on the move, you should purchase motorcycle equipment that is a handy yet cool-looking accessory. This page will give you the basic rundown on the features and design of the Honda 700 Shadow VT700 fairings.

Features & Design of Honda 700 Shadow VT700 Fairings

So to better fit around the front of your motorcycle, the Honda 700 VT700 fairings have a rounded front with the back being shaped to slide onto the grooves of your motorcycle’s chassis. The overall structure is covered in ABS plastic and painted with a glossy black finish. However, the front is bulkier so to better handle impacts from flying debris and moving against strong winds. The back has open spaces where you can fit the fairings about the controls and handlebars. The shaded windshield is a tall yet thin layer of acrylic that is able to keep debris, rain, and bright sunlight from getting in your face. The metal clamps can help adjust and secure the position of the fairings so long as the fork is between 35-49 mm. Though the 700 Shadow VT700 fairing is a hardy, single piece of equipment, there is a large hole at the center that allows the headlight to shine through.

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