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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Shadow 600 VLX

Like many in the Honda Shadow series, the Honda 600 Shadow VLX fairings have been around for decades and are still loved by many in the motorcyclist community. Though this motorcycle’s overall structure is already well-suited for travel on highways, it never hurts to have additional features affixed to your motorcycle’s body. If you need better protection for your face and the front of your motorcycle, then what you need is a fresh set of Honda 600 Shadow VLX fairings. To help give you a better idea of the capabilities and look of this product, review the information listed below.

Features & Design of Honda 600 Shadow VLX Fairings

The Honda 600 VLX fairing is a single piece of equipment, but the most noticeable parts are the body, windshield, and clamps. The fairing is shaped with a rounded front and an open back that lines up with the dimensions of your motorcycle’s front. In the center is a circular opening intended to fit a headlight that is at least 5 ¾ inches. The surface is covered in a glossy black finish, but it is possible to put patterns and designs of your own over the black paint. The majority of the 600 Shadow VLX fairing’s structure is comprised of ABS plastic, giving this product a shape-retaining and shatter-resistant form. The darkened acrylic windshield helps to keep harsh sunlight and sharp objects from hitting your eyes. During mounting, the fairings can be attached to a fork at least 35 to 49 mm and can be further tightened in place with the equipment available in the universal bracket kit.

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