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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Shadow 1100 Spirit

Representing the lasting popularity of the Honda Shadow series and the perseverance of the motorcycle community, the Honda 1100 Shadow Spirit is a perfect combination of comfort and power. But if you feel that this vehicle is lacking in protective measures, you can attach additional gear to make up for this deficiency. Motorcycle equipment that you may find useful is the Honda 1100 Shadow Spirit fairings since they provide extra protection for you and your motorcycle fork. Take a brief moment to review the features and design of the Honda 1100 Shadow Spirit fairings so you can better understand what the product does.

Features & Design of Honda 1100 Shadow Spirit Fairings

Constructed with a rounded, open ABS plastic frame, Honda 1100 Spirit fairings have a large ovalish shape that completely covers your motorcycle’s fork, forming a protective barrier over the vehicle’s chassis. The ABS plastic material has a smooth and stainless surface that does not allow rust to accumulate or rain to weaken the integrity. The smooth outline also helps wind to curve around which makes the fairings more aerodynamic. The acrylic or plexiglass windshield on the top of the 1100 Shadow Spirit fairings is thin yet dense so that the panel is transparent enough that you can see through yet thick enough to prevent wind, rain, or sharp objects from breaking through. You will be provided items that will help explain how to mount the Honda 1100 Shadow Spirit fairings by making use of the metal clamps, installation guide, and universal bracket kit.

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