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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Shadow 1100 Sabre

Able to utilize the full power of the engine and still move at maximum speed even when carrying multiple people, the Honda 1100 Shadow Sabre is a good vehicle to have whether you want to travel long distances on the open road or turn a few corners in the city. Because moving at high speed means there is a risk of encountering hazards that could harm you or your motorcycle, you may want to equip additional gear that offers full protection. A possible option you can choose from when looking for useful motorcycle accessories is the Honda 1100 Shadow Sabre fairings. You can get a better understanding of this equipment’s function and shape to see if what Viking Bags is offering is what your motorcycle need.

Features & Design of Honda 1100 Shadow Sabre Fairings

The Honda 1100 Sabre fairing is a single, solid piece of equipment with a few notable features: its outer shell, windshield, and steel clamps. The entire structure is built out of ABS plastic, but the outer shell has a large bulky frame. This ensures the fairings are able to endure impacts from random trash or sharp objects, preventing the motorcycle’s frame from getting damaged. The circular opening at the center of the fairings is not a design flaw, but rather where the headlight can shine through without issue. Reaching up and encompassing your head is a tinted acrylic or plexiglass windshield that helps block out most of the sunlight that shines through. You will still be able to make out details in the road ahead and can rest assured that no wind, rain, or sharp objects will reach your face. At the back of the 1100 Shadow Sabre fairings, along both sides of the circular opening, are steel clamps that help connect this equipment with the front half of your motorcycle. They can fit around a fork that is 35 to 49 mm, allowing some degree of adjustability if you need to shift the position of the fairings. You will be provided directions via the installation guide and given a universal bracket kit

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