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Honda Shadow 1100 Ace Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Shadow 1100 Ace

Constructed with a low driver’s seat and an aerodynamic frame to ensure this vehicle travels efficiently, the Honda 1100 Shadow ACE is ideal if you wish to avoid strong winds and operate a vehicle with good handling. Serving as another deterrent preventing wind from hitting your face, the Honda 1100 Shadow ACE fairings would be a useful accessory to have on your vehicle.

Features & Design of Honda 1100 Shadow ACE Fairings

Manufactured with a large ovalish shape, the Honda 1100 ACE fairings can either have a tall height with a proportionally large windshield or a sprawling width with a bulky ABS plastic shell. The windshield is made from an acrylic or plexiglass sheet that can hold up even when buffeted by litter, rain, or wind. The surface is shaded enough to better filter direct sunlight while still giving you a field of vision. The ABS plastic structure is a reliable barrier that cannot be easily shattered and will provide full coverage for the motorcycle fork from incoming hazards. The 1100 Shadow ACE fairings is a single piece of equipment that requires little maintenance to keep in good condition and no real assembly is required. There is only a single opening in the middle that leaves space for the headlight to shine without blockage. When you are fixing the Honda 1100 Shadow ACE fairings in place, you will be able to adjust and further secure them in place by using the mounting clamps and universal bracket kit.

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