Honda Rebel 500 Sissy Bars


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Viking Battle Axe Honda Rebel 500 Sissy Bar With Backrest Gloss Black Main viewViking Battle Axe Honda Rebel 500 Sissy Bar With Backrest Gloss Black Bag on Bike View @expand
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Sissy Bars for Honda Rebel 500

Presenting your motorcycle with a more traditional style, the Honda Rebel 500 Sissy Bars are built with a pronged shape formed by the double round steel bars making up most of its length. If you run your hands along the length of the steel bars, they would slide seamlessly against the surface.The top of Rebel 500 Sissy Bars is a rounded point similar in appearance to a wide U. Though typically the point of insertion for your motorcycle luggage, it is instead covered by a foam padded backrest which is secured by three screws fitted into the steel bars.On the opposite end at the bottom, the steel bars extend into two separate mounting brackets. Curved slightly in their design, they have two small holes and a long extended opening to help with a fitment.Features of Honda Rebel 500 Sissy Bar with BackrestThe heavy-duty steel bars are able to hold up against getting hit by flying debris, allow water to slide off the surface, and have considerable longevity. Coming in the color black, they are powder coated and painted to help them be better resistant to rust, weather, and damage.The backrest is packed with a dense layer of foam that contours comfortably around the shape of your back. Covered in a Viking leather cover, the surface of the backrest will feel cozy against your back and shoulders. In case you need to remove the foam pad, there is a zipper on the bottom of the Viking leather cover.Of course, you would not be given the Honda Rebel 500 Sissy Bar unless we supplied you with the means to attach it to your motorcycle. You are given free hardware courtesy of Viking Bags that will allow you to put up your sissy bar in no time at all.

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