Honda Rebel 500 ABS CMX500A Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Rebel 500 ABS

Drawing inspiration from the fundamental traits of the Honda Rebel 500, a modified version called the Honda Rebel 500 ABS CMX500A was created to maximize performance, maneuverability, and visual aesthetic. Because the vehicle’s frame has a custom shape, you can attach another piece of motorcycle equipment that provides another layer of protection. If you enjoy customizing your motorcycle's appearance and utilities, you are guaranteed to love the Honda Rebel 500 ABS CMX500A fairings. You can browse through and learn more about the features and design of the Honda Rebel 500 ABS CMX500A fairings here at Viking Bags.

Features & Design of Honda Rebel 500 ABS CMX500A Fairings

So to better fit the motorcycle fork during installation, the Honda 500 ABS CMX500A fairings have a hollow yet ovalish frame with grooves and steel clamps that help connect the equipment to your motorcycle. When lining up the fairings, make sure that the circular hole in the center fits the measurements of the headlight. So that the Rebel 500 ABS CMX500A fairings are usable for several years, their structure is made from ABS plastic. This material will retain its shape even when struck heavily by other vehicles or blunt objects. The windshield is a thin layer of acrylic or plexiglass, but it is no less durable than the outer shell. The fairings are covered in a glossy black finish but can be painted over with custom colors and patterns as you see fit.

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