Honda Rebel 300 ABS CMX300A Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Honda Rebel 300 ABS

Though based on the basic framework of the original Honda Rebel 300, the Honda Rebel 300 ABS CMX300A offers extra functionality with the inclusion of an anti-lock braking system. It is possible to expand the capabilities of this model further by affixing motorcycle accessories that combine utility and style. A piece of equipment that would make a fine add-on to your Honda Rebel model is a set of Honda Rebel 300 ABS CMX300A fairings. You can learn about the features and design of the Honda Rebel 300 ABS CMX300A fairings by reading the information listed on this page.

Features & Design of Honda Rebel 300 ABS CMX300A Fairings

Honda 300 ABS CMX300A fairings are manufactured as a wide round frame with a bulky front and open curved back. The middle has an opening that can fit around a headlight and there are steel clamps lined along both sides of the opening towards the back. The dimensions of this equipment ensure that the motorcycle fork and your upper torso are behind the shell and windshield respectively. Rebel 300 ABS CMX300A fairings are built from ABS plastic, a rustproof, weather-resistant, and damage-resistant material that ensures the equipment has good longevity. The windshield has a smoky acrylic or plexiglass panel that can help deflect incoming debris while shielding your eyes from rays of sunlight.

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