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Luggage & Saddle Bags for Honda CB1100RS Cafe Racer

Do you sometimes imagine a perfect motorbike? Has the ideal dream motorbike really exists? The answer is yes! Yes, it exists with a name of Café racer Honda CB1100Rs. The Honda produces the first big air-cooled power plant in 20 years which is smooth, and its fueling is perfect. The Honda CB1100rs consists of a chunky upside Showa forks and remote reservoirs twin rear shocks, with radial Tokico brakes and 17-inch wheels. The elegant look of its LCD for fuel and gear indicator is splendid. The glossy paint its high quality will resist any sort of weather. With the height of 795mm, enabling the firm landing of the feet on the ground. This eye-catching beauty is not light with 252 kg. With all the best features you cannot stop admiring the beauty of this Honda CB1100RS.

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