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Harley Davidson Touring Road Glide FLTR/I Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Harley Touring Road Glide

Harley Davidson Road Glide motorcycles are built with a streamlined frame that allows this bike to ride at top speeds even when riding against strong winds. But it is possible to affix other equipment that adds extra protection and improves the impressive features this vehicle already possesses. A simple yet effective add-on that would improve the performance of your two-wheeler is the Harley Road Glide fairings. Learn more about the characteristics, framework, and variations that are available here at Viking Bags.

Features of Harley Davidson Road Glide Fairings

Having a smooth yet durable outer shell, Harley Road Glide fairings are made from long-lasting, high-quality ABS plastic. This additional armor encompasses the front of your motorcycle, preventing flying debris or heavy objects from damaging your motorcycle’s chassis. With proper care, the Davidson Road Glide fairings can last for many years before you would need to get a replacement. The structure of the fairings is difficult to crack, bend, or scratch, plus the surface cannot be ruined by rust or rainfall.

Design of Harley Davidson Road Glide Fairings

Depending on the version you choose, the Harley Davidson Road Glide fairings can be either taller or rounder. The surface of the front side can either be completely smooth or have indents, edges, or curves. Within the center is an opening where the headlight can fit and shine through, fully illuminating the path in front of you. Though the design can differ, all Harley Road Glide fairings come with a glossy black finish.

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