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Motorcycle Fairings for Harley Street 500

If you are an individual who has trouble reaching the footrests on a motorcycle or prefer being lower to the ground for better control, then you may be the owner of a Harley Davidson Street 500. However, operating a motorcycle that is easier to handle does not mean you should not consider getting other add-ons that will help make travel safer. The front of your motorcycle houses several main important components such as the headlight and handlebars. To prevent any serious damage that could negatively affect the functionality of your motorcycle, you may want to get yourself some Harley Davidson Street 500 fairings.

Features of Harley Davidson Street 500 Fairings

Since they must weather any incoming debris and harsh weather conditions at the front of your motorcycle, the Harley Street 500 fairings are made from high-quality ABS plastic. This material is able to retain its shape without cracking even when struck with great force, giving the fairings considerable longevity. It is also rustproof, waterproof, and aerodynamic to help improve your motorcycle’s performance.

Design of Harley Davidson Street 500 Fairings

Though the Davidson Street 500 fairings are built with a rounded and curved body, they have an angled and hollow back to help the equipment better fit around your motorcycle’s anterior. During fitment, the clamps along the back should help the fairings stay securely in place so long as the fork only has a 35 to 49 mm diameter. The front is a thick shell of ABS plastic with a smooth exterior with the occasional contours and bumps to give the fairings a cool look. There is a circular hole in the center that allows a headlight that is 5 ¾ inches large to fit and illuminate the road at night. The fairings are painted over with a black color scheme with a glossy finish.

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