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Motorcycle Fairings for Harley Softail Slim

If you tend to travel through the cities for your daily commute or just to have some time to yourself, then you may be the owner of a Harley Softail model. Because the streets are more tightly packed and there is more rubbish spread out on the ground, there are potentially more hazards that could damage you and your motorcycle. Though you cannot always avoid the obstacles that get in your way, having Harley Softail Slim fairings can help mitigate or prevent damage. Read on to learn what makes the Harley Softail Slim fairings built by Viking Bags so unique.

Features of Harley Softail Slim Fairings

You can rest assured that your Harley Slim fairings will last for several years thanks to being made from long-lasting and hardy ABS plastic. The smooth yet shape-retaining material cannot be easily broken open by heavy impacts from random objects. The surface will remain unmarred as it cannot be corroded by rust or damaged by heavy rainfall. Providing a transparent screen for your face, the acrylic or plexiglass windshield prevents bugs, debris, or wind from getting into your face while still allowing you to discern and avoid any hazards on the road.

Design of Harley Softail Slim Fairings

Built as a bulky extension that perfectly fits around the head of your motorcycle, the Softail Slim fairings have a rounded, oval structure with contours, bulges, or ridges that give the equipment character rather than having a perfectly smooth surface. Within the center is a hole that can fit around the edges of a 5 ¾ inch headlight. On the back of the fairings are metal clamps that are meant to be fitted to a motorcycle fork that is 35 to 49 mm.

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