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Motorcycle Fairings for Harley Softail Rocker C

If you have a preference for showing off your motorcycle in more urban areas and wish to own a vehicle that has customization options, then the Harley Softail Rocker C will fulfill all of these requirements. However, it is possible to improve upon the build of this kind of model by affixing extra safety precautions. Since your motorcycle could never be too safe, you should try to get a fresh set of Harley Softail Rocker C fairings. Even if there are not many occasions for the fairings to be used, you and your motorcycle would be a lot safer with them equipped.

Features of Harley Softail Rocker C Fairings

Made out of ABS plastic, the Harley Rocker C fairings are meant to be long-lasting and durable. Because the material is rigid and shape-retaining, being struck by flying debris or blunt objects will not easily leave any damage. The ABS plastic ensures that the surface of the Softail Rocker C fairings will not be covered in rust nor suffer damage due to being exposed to the elements. If you take proper care of the fairings, they can last without ever getting scratched, dented, or cracked.

Design of Harley Softail Rocker C Fairings

Along the top is a tall windscreen with a rounded top made from acrylic or plexiglass, with a reflective surface facing towards the front. The rest of the Harley Softail Rocker C fairings stands upright with a rounded body. Towards the front, there are curves, bulges, and ridges encompassing a large hole in the center intended for the headlight. Painted over the surface of the Harley Softail Rocker C fairings is a glossy black fairing.

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