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Harley Davidson Softail Heritage FLST/I/C/CI Fairings


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Motorcycle Fairings for Harley Softail Heritage

If you care about your Harley Softail Heritage FLSTC and want to maximize its functionality for as long as possible, you want to take good care of the equipment fitted to the vehicle. This also includes any new assets that you purchase that are both functional and stylish. A good example of motorcycle equipment that improves the frame of your two-wheeler both in terms of utility and aesthetic is the Harley Softail Heritage FLSTC fairing. To fully understand how useful this piece of equipment would be if affixed to your vehicle, learn more about the fairings below.

Features of Harley Softail Heritage FLSTC Fairings

Providing a rigid structure and extended longevity for the Harley Heritage FLSTC fairings, the outer shell is built from thick ABS plastic. This material not only has a pleasantly smooth surface that allows rain and wind to glide off, but the surface of the fairings is also difficult to crack or damage. The mounting clamps on the back are able to grab onto a fork that is 39 to 45 mm in diameter and the universal bracket kit helps speed along the process of installing the Softail Heritage FLSTC fairings.

Design of Harley Softail Heritage FLSTC Fairings

Coated in a black glossy finish, the Harley Softail Heritage FLSTC fairings give off a cool and intimidating vibe that complements the style of your motorcycle. Having a rounded body with slight curves along the edges, this product is easy to carry while perfectly meshing with the shape of your motorcycle’s anterior.

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