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Motorcycle Fairings for Harley Dyna Switchback

If you ever wanted to add a snazzy piece of armor to the front of your Harley Dyna Switchback, then all you need to do is attach a Harley Dyna Switchback fairing. Built with both style and durability in mind, this accessory would be a welcome addition to your ride’s many components.

Just as there are variations of motorcycle fairings to suit different Harley-Davidson models, Harly Dyna Switchback fairings come with their own unique features and designs. To help you browse Viking Bags’ inventory of Harley Switchback fairings, take a moment to look over the contents of this page. 

Features of Harley Dyna Switchback Fairings 

Harley Dyna Switchback fairings are lined with ABS plastic that is then covered with an outer shell made of either lucite or fiberglass. These materials can retain their shape and are able to hold up against even impacts from debris flying at high speed. 

The windshield can be switched out on the Harley Switchback fairings if you wish to adjust its height. Besides providing coverage for your face, the glass can be tinted with varying shades of black depending on how much sunlight you wish to filter and how well you want to be able to see. 

Designs of Harley Dyna Switchback Fairings 

Dyna Switchback fairings combine a wide surface area with a small-scale design on a rounded rectangular or ovalish shape. Because they need to be fitted to the front of your motorcycle, the back of the Dyna Switchback fairings is an open frame that contours to your vehicle’s dimensions. They can cover the headlight, handlebars, controls, fork, and top of the front spoke depending on the height of the Harley Dyna Switchback fairing you own. 

To ensure that they are aerodynamic, Harley Switchback fairings have a streamlined and curved structure. Glistening along the curves is the glossy black or grey finish that gives this equipment its luster. Though the basic color schemes are a respectable choice, you can express your creative individuality by painting over the gloss with custom designs. 

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